Today in the city Waldo 23.07.2017
Walt Disney's Original Disneyland Map Sells For $708,000 At Auction

Walt Disney’s Disneyland presentation map, the document that secured funding for the theme park, has sold for $708,000 at an auction in Los Angeles.

John McEnroe Says Serena Williams Would Be Ranked 'Like 700' in Men's Tennis

While calling her the greatest female tennis player ever, tennis legend John McEnroe argued Serena Williams would be overmatched were she to play in the men's game. In an interview with McEnroe, NPR's...

Anthem would pay record $115M to settle data breach suit - CNET

A settlement awaiting a judge's approval would be the largest to date for a data breach case, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs.

A New Delhi Family Learns To Navigate Wealth After A 'Windfall'

Diksha Basu's new novel was inspired by the explosion of wealth she saw in 1990s India. She says money is a complex thing, and it takes a while for her characters to see that.

What Would Republicans Do If Hillary Clinton Introduced A Federal Apprenticeship Program?

The right energetically support a policy that they would have pilloried Hillary Clinton for proposing. Furthermore, if businesses need apprentices, then there's no need for federal support in the fir...

Casey: GOP Health Bill Would Mean 'Destructive' Cuts

Pennsylvania's Democratic Sen. Bob Casey has told a town hall crowd that the Republican health care proposal in the U.S. Senate would mean "destructive" cuts to Medicaid and "obscene" tax cuts for the...

Where Would We Be Politically If Hillary Clinton Had Won?

D.C. might still be revolving around legislative gridlock and investigations. But the electoral landscape would be very different.

Obama didn't act strongly against Russian election hacking because he assumed Clinton would win

Even though Barack Obama knew about recurrent cyberattacks months before the actual election, he chose not to interfere because most of the administration assumed Hillary Clinton would win the 20...

Curious wild seal checking out a snorkeler is amazing and nerve-wracking

Few people get to experience the glory of nature up close and personal. SEE ALSO: Dolphins prove they're the coolest animals alive by hydroplaning on the shore Blogger and Adventurer Lizzie Carr was s...

The Senate health bill would hugely roll back women's health care

Childbirth in the US is already inexcusably dangerous. The Senate health bill would make it worse, Vox reports.

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